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les Affranchis

Odile-Emmanuelle Auger
Geneviève Benoit

Technical Director
Martin Tremblay

Game Designer
Philippe Rostaing

Reserch and writing
Natacha Veilleux

Artistic Director
Hugo Vassal

Théo Madon Fortineau
Björn Feldman

Eva-Lea Longue
David Richer
Björn Feldman

Web developper
Joanie Lessnick
Jérôme Rans

Marie-Josée Tremblay


Sound FX:
Grade 5 fire sound by PhreaKsAccount
Grade 7 Crackling Fireplace Sound by Daniel Simion
Grade 7 Indra call by .Andre_Onate
Grade 7 Wind Chimes by InspectorJ
Grade 8 bag sound by Taira Komori
Grade 10 rain by InspectorJ
Grade 10 fabric sound by orginaljun
Grade 10 water drip sound by InspectorJ
Grade 11 pencil sound by OwlStorm
Grade 12 nature sounds by thorvandahl
Grade 12 water sound by SavvahSjuhengof
Grade 12 Hymn of Heaven by onderwish